Farming Day 2022

Posted: 6th May 2022

There was fun on the farm this week at Holmwood when every pupil from Year R-8 visited a local farm and got hands-on experience learning about the way in which milkshakes are made, the journey from seed potato to crisps, the science of soil management, the environment and conservation. On top of that there will also be some farm machinery for the pupils to look at and a ginormous tractor! 

We wanted to educate our pupils about how our food arrives from the field to their plates. The Holmwood community is very fortunate to have families that are fantastic advocates of the countryside and the intricate processes of farming and we really appreciated their help in creating a wonderful, informative day, which was also a huge amount of fun.

The children learnt how milkshakes are made by Shaken Udder milkshakes, who explained the process that is involved in making a milkshake.  Mr Strathern, from Fairfield Crisps, really sparked the children’s curiosity as he explained the journey required to make a crisp from the very beginning with the planting of seed potatoes. Mr and Mrs Cottrell, who kindly hosted the day and explained the environmental and conservation role of the farm in our countryside. Mr Cottrell also showed us the huge tractor and explained its role in farming as well as provided one of the highlights –  of the day a huge grain pile that the children were thrilled to be able to climb up. 

The children all had a fabulous day and learnt a huge amount about farming, our food and the environment.

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