A Sparking Start to Gods and Mortals

Posted: 6th May 2022

Year 3 are having their imaginations ignited this term by the theme Gods and Mortals, as they explore the mythical world of the Ancient Greek stories. In order to rapidly gain some knowledge about this fascinating subject, the children had a visit from an exciting hands-on historical workshop theatre group that introduced them to Gods and Ancient Greece and the lives led by people thousands of years ago. 

This exciting experience sparked the children’s curiosity and enabled them to apply and develop their knowledge of Ancient Greece through a broad range of activities, meaning they are off to a flying start already with their theme, which will allow them to concentrate on developing key skills and still deeper knowledge with challenging and immersive learning throughout the term.

The children immersed themselves brilliantly from the very start of the day.  They had all done a bit of research about Ancient Greece and had chosen a character to come as for the day, making their own badges to describe who they were and if they wanted bringing in a relevant prop.  Then they were off on a whistle-stop tour through Greek life and culture, via a series of fun activities including: some maths with Archimedes Stomachion – a Greek “jigsaw” puzzle for exercising the mind; some English with informative Greek quiz boards and Petteia – a Greek strategy game played by Alexander the Great.

With a quick stop back in the present day for some lunch, the children were then  introduced to a Greek warrior fresh from battle who gave a demonstration of the weapons and armour he would use. The children learnt all about some of the great battles and were fascinated by the differences between the city states of Athens and Sparta.

The children threw themselves fully into their characters for the day and came away with some fascinating facts and knowledge that has got their topic off to a sparkling start and is a perfect springboard for a phenomenal term ahead

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