Y4 Global Studies

Posted: 18th March 2022

This term in Global Studies, Year 4 have been studying Ancient Egypt. They have been looking at how the Egyptians lived, the importance of the River Nile, the Egyptian social pyramid, their religious beliefs, pastimes, tomb raiding, impressive structures and mummification!

To stretch their understanding, they have undertaken a number of practical projects such as mummifying a tomato, using their maths skills to make a sarcophagus and wrap a Barbie doll like a mummy! They have studied Egyptian art and made a relief from plaster using traditional Egyptian colours and design to decorate it. They have also learnt about soul houses; miniature versions of the Egyptians houses that were buried with them, so they had a house in the after life. Each child looked closely at the Egyptian houses and designed their own and they were then given the opportunity to make it out of clay. 

These pictures show just how engaged the children have been in their work and demonstrate how Ancient Egypt has ignited wonder this term for Year 4.

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