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Posted: 10th December 2021

The festivities have started at Nursery.  We have been doing Christmas crafts using all types of materials such as beads and cotton wool.  We’ve enjoyed some festive baking, including some delicious mince pies.  There has of course been Christmas tree decorating and we’ve had a visit from a very cheeky elf.  


We have been super busy with our Christmas craft folders the last couple of weeks. The children have made some wonderful keepsakes that will be coming home with you soon. 

Babies have also enjoyed a lot of our small world toys including the cars and the train track. Singing nursery rhymes has also been a firm favourite and we have done activities based around celebrations such as Hanukkah and St Andrews day. 


The Bluebells have been enjoying lots of festive baking these last two weeks including making some mince pies and apple turnovers. The children enjoyed rolling the pastry out flat and measuring how many circles we could cut out for the base of the mince pies. When we made the apple turnovers we used tools like the small knives to cut out two shapes for the apple mixture to go in, they then made some long strips to make the lattice effect on the top. For an extra bit of flavour we sprinkled some cinnamon on the top. Yummy.


The children in poppies have been busy with lots of Christmas themed activities over the last couple of weeks, including using cotton buds to make snowflakes and beads to make Christmas tree decorations. We have also had lots of fun seeing what our class Elf has got up to each morning, the children thought it was very funny that he had wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper. Whilst we have been in the garden we have noticed lots of ice, the children have been experimenting different ways to melt the ice, one child said “ if we put hot water on it, the ice will melt”. Well done Poppies. 

As we are coming to the end of term, all of the nursery staff would like to wish all of our wonderful children and families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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