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Posted: 26th November 2021

All the children had a fabulous time taking part in the various themed activities we held in aid of Children in Need, we had lots of crazy hair and some brilliant dressing up outfits.  The children have also been really busy working on their problem solving skills using multi link cubes, painting by numbers and number matching.


We have been super busy involving all the children in our themed days to raise money for Children in Need. Thank you to all of those who donated and contributed. The babies loved not only getting dressed up, having crazy hair or wearing their pyjamas for nursery but also lots of sticking and colouring activities with Pudsey Bear on. On Remembrance day the babies also made a wonderful poppy picture using apples and paint. 


This week the Bluebells have been working on their problem solving skills in a number of ways. We have been exploring the multi link cubes and making arrangements with them, we have also been learning about colours and matching the same coloured peg to the colour on the plate. Painting with numbers and quantity stamps and trying to match the numerals with the correct number of dots is also some of the activities we have enjoyed. We have loved making tracks with the cars in the playdough as well.


Poppies did wonderfully well with taking part in the themed days for Children in Need. We saw so many crazy hairstyles and dressing up outfits. Some of the Poppies children did very well with our letter and colour dot matching activity on Pudsey’s face. The children have particularly liked our problem solving activities recently too and were very interested in our oral health activity. Using toothpaste and toothbrushes they were able to role play this basic self care regime amongst their peers using the dolls for practice.


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