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Posted: 12th November 2021

There has been glitter and colour all over Nursery, as we have all been doing lots of fabulous activities to celebrate Diwali and firework night.  We have done junk modelling and crafting, as well as having great fun with the chalks and making some spectacular splatter firework night pictures.

We have enjoyed celebrating a couple of wonderful festivals recently. The first being firework night where some children used glitter, some painted and some used toilet rolls to make their firework patterns and the other was Diwali where the children chose whether to paint or colour their picture in celebration of this. Quite a few of the babies have begun walking recently too which has been lovely to see and experience with them. The indoor sandpit and chalking have also been a big hit with the children too. 

In Bluebells we have been using our problem solving skills to look at different shapes of puzzle pieces and attempting to fit them in the correct places. We have also explored different materials and textures to create models with the junk modelling and craft resources. The children did very well with using their large gross motor movements to create splatter painting in celebration of fireworks night. 

The children in Poppies have really enjoyed doing some firework pictures. They used toilet roll tubes and different coloured paints to create an amazing firework picture. We also decorated different patterns to celebrate Diwali. The children have also been really interested in numbers and colours, so we created an activity for the children to match the correct number of beads to the correct colour which they did really well with. It was great to develop their number recognition and colour sorting skills.

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