Year 1 Make Sense of Science

Posted: 12th October 2021

Year One have enjoyed learning about their bodies and senses in science. We started by looking at a picture of our skeleton and talking about what the children could recognise. We identified the skull, ribs and spine and then talked about why these bones and our skeleton as a whole is important. The children shared their ideas and used their reasoning skills to explain their thinking. The children were then very excited to learn some amazing bone facts! We found out that there are 206 bones in an adult skeleton but babies have more! The smallest bone in the body is in our ear and the longest bone is in our leg. Bones are really strong but our teeth are even stronger! The children then worked in small groups to build a skeleton using pictures of bones. They needed to be resilient and cooperative as it was quite tricky. When they had finished they compared their work with a picture of a skeleton and reflected on how accurate it was and if they needed to change anything.   

We also started to learn about our 5 senses and how we use these to make sense of the world around us. The children were then very enthusiastic to explore how good their senses of taste and smell are. They each had the opportunity to guess the flavour of 6 different crisps by smelling and tasting each one. After tasting and smelling the children compared what they thought before we revealed the actual flavour. We discovered they were amazingly accurate in their guesses and 1T have an excellent sense of smell and taste! This week we will continue our work and find out if our senses of hearing and touch are just as accurate! 

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