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Posted: 1st October 2021

The children have been working on all kinds of different skills this week from playing with puzzles to strengthening their muscles and fine motor skills with lots of outdoor activities.  There has been some fun learning making recycled farm animals and exploring herbs and recipes.



The children are continuing to settle in very well and have enjoyed a number of activities based around our themes of recycling and harvest. We set some fun home learning to make some animal figures from recyclable materials you had at home. We have been displaying some lovely made animals and have enjoyed seeing all of your tapestry photos, thank you. The children also loved looking at the Peppa Pig recycling book. For harvest week we have enjoyed a tuff tray with vegetables to explore. The children have also enjoyed the garden, using the slide, playing games with the balls such as rolling it back and forth and watching the bubbles blow in the wind.


Bluebells have had lots of fun playing in the role play and making a tea party for the babies. We have also been playing in the vegetable patch tuff tray we made as part of our Autumn theme. We have been showing interest in letters within puzzles and exploring the mud kitchen. 


Poppies have enjoyed dressing up as builders, getting messy with painting and creating a swamp for the dinosaurs. They have also really enjoyed lots of water based activities, including using the pipettes, these help strengthen the muscles in the children’s hands and support their fine motor skills.The children have really enjoyed making a herb garden also. They used gardening tools to make holes big enough to fit the herbs in the soil and used watering cans to give them a good drink. We talked about how the herbs smell differently and can be used in lots of different cooking recipes. 

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