Inventions, Inventors and Pioneers – Global Studies

Posted: 23rd September 2021

Have you ever wondered when the first piano was invented, or been curious about the origins of the sewing machine? Well, Year 6 at Holmwood House certainly have and, this week, will be sharing with each other what they have found out about these and a wide range of other inventions. 

For our Global Studies theme of Inventions, Inventors and Pioneers, we are learning about objects, people and ideas that have changed the world. As part of this, the pupils have been developing their historical research skills through creating and delivering a presentation about an invention of their choice. They have been challenged to not only find out facts about when and where their object was invented, and who invented it, but also how and why it was invented.  Did you know, for example, that the Rubik’s Cube was originally invented by a maths teacher who wanted to help his students learn about shapes? 

Objects chosen have ranged from the combine harvester to solar panels to computers and games consoles. I wonder what we will find out?

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