Year 3 Strings Project

Posted: 16th September 2021

On Monday, Year 3 had the first lesson in the continuation of the strings project which they had embarked upon in Year 2. The strings project is a programme designed to support and encourage string playing in the school from which we very much hope that children will be able to gain enrichment, appreciation of the mechanics of musical instruments, the technicalities and hard work required in learning to play them and joy in making music with friends.  We also hope that some children may continue with individual lessons when they move into Year 4 where they would be able to join a school ensemble and perhaps progress further in the future – Essex has two excellent county youth orchestras for the very best local musicians.

Our violin teacher, Greg Eaton, who will lead Year 3 Strings, is an accomplished violinist who studied at Trinity College of Music. He recently spent four days coaching the string sections of the Essex Youth Orchestras for a film music course with players ranging from ages 7 to 18.

As last year, your children will be lent a school violin, which, unlike last year, they will now be able to take home with them to practice. Please encourage your child to practise and ensure that the violin is brought into school every Monday for the lesson.

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