Extreme Earth

Posted: 16th September 2021

Year 3 has had great fun embarking on this term’s new topic, ‘Extreme Earth’.  The children watched some natural disaster clips to set the scene, which included hearing a siren and learning the Earthquake Drill…. ‘Drop, Cover, Hold!’  Once their curiosity had been ignited they began with the big question, ‘ What is under our feet?” and they have started to discover what causes earthquakes and other natural disasters.  

Extreme Earth is a cross curriculum topic which allows the children to really gain a depth and breadth of understanding and ignite wonder in the topic whilst working on a range of skills. In Global Studies they carefully followed instructions and using playdough made their own model Earth, building up the layers from the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust up to the surface of the earth. There was great excitement when they then cut their Earth in half to reveal all the different layers inside. 

In English we are reading books linked to our theme, ‘Vacation Under the Volcano’ and ‘Earthquake In The Early Morning’ by Mary Pope Osborne. We have been planning our own Disaster adventure stories, carefully remembering all the elements that make a good story and particularly focusing on the correct use of speech marks. In Science this term’s focus is Materials and the children are having fun being rock detectives, to gain a deeper understanding of what the earth is made up of.  Whilst in Art they have had great fun using a range of techniques and materials to explore the theme creating, still life drawings, collage volcanoes and will go on to creating tsunami art in the style of the famous artist Jackson Pollock, using clay to create a representation of the ring of fire.

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