La danse en France!

Posted: 3rd September 2021

The very first lesson for the Year 8s was French and what better way to start the year than with a spot of French karaoke and some pretty awesome dance moves! The children had to follow the lively lyrics and the magic moves to several versions of popular songs in French in order to recall, remember and revitalise their vocabulary and comprehension…but mostly because it was so much fun!  Can you guess the songs…? “Eeee-grek, em, seh, ah” and “Je suis bleu” Both are funky dancefloor fillers!

Year 8s will be looking at media this term, covering the different genres of television and film and this was a lovely and lively lead into the topic. This term, they will have to demonstrate resourcefulness in this topic by effectively using opinions and reasons and will also be using their reflection skills to review “reviews”! They will be introduced to past and future tenses and will have to use their reasoning powers to apply the new grammatical structures in an organised and accurate way. Sounds like a busy term ahead and if their first lesson was anything to go by…they are going to get “rave” reviews and have a great deal of fun en route!

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