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Posted: 9th July 2021

The children have been very curious at Nursery this week.  We have been experimenting with ice to see how quickly it melts, making cakes, learning some building skills and we have all been exploring lots of different stories and books and then taking part in activities linked to them.


This week babies have really enjoyed looking at books both on their own or with a friend. They have been holding the books the correct way up and turning the pages independently. The older babies have even been able to pick things out from the pictures.


This week the Bluebells have been enjoying a construction week and have been practising using the hammer and nails activity. We have also enjoyed water play and have been washing the dinosaurs. In the garden we have been painting to music and we have also been exploring the ice and watching it melt in our hands as part of our messy play. 


The children have enjoyed a variety of activities to keep them busy and having lots of fun. Some of the children sampled some of our crops that we have been growing and were eating peas from the pod. After reading ‘The paper dolls’ story with Carol the children made their own. Poppies made some delicious cakes with Silvia and some of the children have been using their problem solving skills to make patterns with coloured pegs too.

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