Year 8 Challenge Week

Posted: 30th June 2021

Year 8 have really impressed everyone in the way they have embraced the first week of Challenge Weeks.  Here are a few of the things they have been up to…

The Element Bridge Building Competition
Mr Earley challenged Year 8 to build a bridge using spaghetti elastic bands, Sellotape and string to span a 50 cm gap. Each team had to consider aesthetics, engineering, a strength test and teamwork.  This idea was based on the Dyson Foundation spaghetti bridge challenge.  Although there was a lot of learning going on and everyone enjoyed the day there had to be an overall winner…Land won!

Bake Off Challenge
Year 8 were challenged to design and bake a “Showstopper” based on an Eco-theme in their Elements.  They were judged on the taste of the cake, the aesthetics and the concept.  The staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the judging and a huge thank you must go to Mrs Makri who kindly came in to help the children create their amazing Showstoppers!

Dragon’s Den Challenge
Mr Cook opened the Challenge by pitching his product design, business model, cash forecast and himself as a businessman. They fired back some fantastic questions but could see the investment vs return potential. All week they have been thinking about their business, how to pitch it and if their product will be interesting enough to gain the Dragons’ interest.

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