Air Charity Day 2021

Posted: 21st May 2021

Today Air hosted a charity day in support of the Bumblebee charity.  All pupils were invited to come in either yellow or purple in support of the Bumblebee Charity for a contribution of £1.  The Bumblebee Charity helps young children with physical difficulties taking part in a fun-filled sensory programme. Find out more here.

Next Friday Air have lots of other exciting things planned including:

Bean Bucket Challenge!

There will be a sponsored baked bean shower in aid of the charity. Several Year 8s and a handful of teachers will have a baked bean shower in front of the whole school; the volunteer staff are Mr White, Mr Jeffries and Miss Larkin. The pupils will gather sponsorship over the next few weeks.

Sweets in a Jar

Each phase will have the opportunity to win a large jar of sweets by guessing the number of sweets in the jar. Pupils are invited to guess the amount on the day, for a cost of £1. Each phase will have their jar on display within their respective buildings. 

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