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Posted: 14th May 2021


Space has been our theme this week. We have been learning lots of different facts about the 8 planets, the moon landing and what we would need to wear if we went up into space. As always we have been using this to develop some of our school readiness skills such as using scissors, putting our hands up and talking in a group.


Babies were amazed to find a snail in the garden. We spent a long time watching it and investigating how it came out of its shell and moved around. Putting it onto some paper, we could see the trail that it had left behind. As we talked about the snail we learnt new words such as ‘snail’, ‘shell’, ‘trail’ and ‘slime’. 


This week the Bluebells enjoyed playing with the clay and exploring the texture when you add water to it. We have also been painting on a large scale on the chalkboard. In the garden we have been interested in mini beasts and we found a woodlouse. 


Poppies have had a lovely week enjoying a messy theme which has meant lots of fun exploring materials and textures. The children have also shown a keen interest in using the real ICT props within their play. We were very lucky to also spend some time watching the snail, looking closely at where its tentacles are and why they need them and why they have a shell. 

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