Eco-Committee News (2021 Spring)

Posted: 12th March 2021

The older members of the Eco-Committee presented an assembly to Phase 3 and 4 today about becoming an Eco School.

In the autumn term, all the members of the committee in Pre-Prep and Prep helped to carry out an environmental review of the school to identify the good things we already do for the environment and how we could improve. From that review they drew up an action plan with these targets:


1 – To improve the Energy saving in the school, we have put up signs by light switches reminding everyone to turn off the light when rooms are empty. We have also decided that all the Eco Committee members act as Light Monitors and switch off any lights they see left on in empty rooms.

2 – To improve waste reduction we have asked Tina if the kitchen could collect any fruit and veg waste from peelings, which we will then put into the compost bins in the school. We have also ordered two food waste bins for the dining hall, which we would like you to put your fruit waste into. The Eco Committee will collect this from Tina twice a week.

3 – To improve our Healthy Living, we have now got an extra 6 raised beds next to the library block where we will be growing our own veg. We are planning to grow potatoes, herbs, carrots, spring onions, beetroot, peas, beans and cucumbers. (Thank you to the Thompson family for donating the raised beds).

We hope everyone in the school community will help us get our Eco School Green Flag.

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