Mental Health Week

Posted: 25th January 2021

We will be working with the pupils during Mental Health Week which runs from 1 – 7 February as part of our Pastoral Programme.

This year’s theme is ‘Express Yourself‘ and teachers will be discussing ways of communicating individuality through words, clothing and hairstyle, or through art forms such as writing, drawing, music and dance and the importance of this in gaining self confidence and self belief.

As part of the week we plan to have a ‘Non-screen Day’ on Thursday 4 February; a day where the pupils can complete creative learning projects which do not rely on them accessing their computers and Chromebooks. Next week we will send you an extensive list of project ideas, of differing length and challenge, from which the children can choose.

Teachers will still need to register the pupils at 8.30am and again at 1.50pm, but these will be the only required screen points during the day. As always, the staff will be available if the children need to communicate with them, which they can do by calling them directly using Google Hangout.

We hope the children will enjoy their project work and we would like pictures and/or videos sent through to teachers and tutors so we can see what they have done and discuss it with them.

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Free Webinars

The British Dyslexia Association has produced some webinars to support pupils and parents, some of which are free. One in particular caught my attention for parents called ‘How to support your dyslexic child during school closures’. You can access them here:

The YMCA Trinity Group also has a webinar on 16 March providing parents with strategies for supporting children returning to school after lockdown:


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