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Posted: 18th November 2020

We are all proud of what we achieved on the School’s Birthday, winning the Animal Game, the Tutor Group Challenge, the Element Board, the Junior Mugs Game, and we drew in the Senior Mugs Game. The Year 8s have also been working on our Element Meetings to make the activities as fun as possible.

Clara M & Holly S

The Holmwood 99th Birthday was a great success. Year 8 had been creating a board containing their representative animal and a theme of their Element. I am in Air so, along with my fellow pupils, created a board accommodating owls flying through the sky, a hill, trees and clouds. The Element board didn’t go quite as planned so unfortunately we didn’t win.

Apart from that the other competitions were a triumph, the Animal Game has been accomplished for many years by two Year 8 pupils running around two fields searching for coloured slips of paper with the help of younger years. Due to COVID the activities were done differently such as: Year 6 running for Years 4, 5 & 6 and Year 3 running for Years 1, 2 & 3. Year R enjoying themselves collecting the coloured cards with animal pictures on. Unfortunately, Air did not win this time.

The younger years, 4 & 5, competed in a Mission Impossible competition where each Element from Year 4 and 5 together had to dodge and dive their way to victory using their brains and brawn. With great success Air won, congratulations Years 4 & 5.

The official celebration to commemorate the school’s 99th birthday was held in the Jubilee Hall where a ceremonial cake was placed at the front being watched by all the little children, drooling at the sight. Throughout the first half of the autumn term, the Year 4s had great fun creating lanterns with funny shapes cut out, letting the multicoloured light flicker through. At the start event the Year 4s walked in and organised themselves into a line, to show their lanterns to the Pre-Prep and the years above them. During the ceremony Mr Mitchell announced which Element had won, and what they had won. Water had the majority of wins. The cutting of the cake approached for me, George and Clara, the three Heads of Element. We stood up circling around this cake coated in white icing and the Holmwood logo in red, blue and yellow icing. Slowly the knife sliced open the cake and people cheered commemorating the brilliance of the school through its 99 years of hard work and triumph over online school. Happy Birthday Holmwood and have an amazing 100th.


School’s birthday
The school’s birthday was really good fun for all. Especially for us, Year 8s, because we got to lead our Element in the activities. However it was a shame not being able to do it with the rest of the school due to COVID-19. The school’s birthday was very enjoyable after all these years waiting to be Year 8s, and even though we could not do it with the rest of the school, it still lived up to our expectations. We now have a new Element Board on display made by us and we had help from the Year 7s; which was very much appreciated. We were saddened because we were not allowed to visit our buddies to have the full experience as Year 8s. Even though Land did not win we still enjoyed the experience of this school’s birthday.

Element meetings:
I think that the Element meetings have gone well even though we have to social distance from other years, we found new ways of interacting with the rest of the Element. It is quite fun in Element meetings being able to at least interact with the younger years even if we have to be away from them at all times. I think Element meetings have been going very well for Land this first couple of weeks and we hope to carry this on throughout the year.

In conclusion, the year has been going well in these difficult times. We hope to carry this on throughout the year. We hope to keep entertaining and pleasing the rest of our Element and we hope to continue to have a great year.

From the Land Year 8s
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