5HJM – Whose West Indies?

Posted: 3rd November 2020

The year is 1592, one hundred years after Columbus discovered the New World…

As a culmination to their Global Studies learning on Christopher Columbus and the New World, Year 5 participated in an imagined Grand Hearing to decide who, rightfully, should have control of the island of Hispaniola – the indigenous Taino people, now diminished and subjugated; the descendants of the dominant Spanish Conquistadors; or descendants of the first African slaves, cruelly transported to the Caribbean from the early 1500s to aid the Europeans in their quest for wealth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Considering the rights of different groups in the 16th Century New World (PRE).
  • Crafting an argument, organising thoughts, following a line of reasoning and justifying points (English – persuasive writing).
  • Collaborating in a group (emotional intelligence).
  • Understanding the concepts of colonisation, indigenous people and the Atlantic slave trade (history).
  • Evaluating the arguments of peers (higher-order thinking).

Some excellent arguments and questions were presented from a large number of children and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the concluding ballot found resoundingly in favour of the indigenous Taino natives. Very well done, Year 5, for participating with maturity and passion through which you have gained rich knowledge and understanding as well as a good foundation in persuasive writing.

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