Year 8 Roles of Responsibility

Posted: 2nd November 2020

Roles of Responsibility

Congratulations to our Heads of Element

Today the Elements saw their first Element Meetings led by the new Heads, Deputies and Charity Reps. We have been impressed with the support the other Year 8s have shown those who have been awarded roles, and vice versa. It can be hard to bounce back and reset, however the pupils have rallied each other and have already embarked on their first Element challenge – the Element boards. These are to be revealed on the school’s birthday and will be hung in the Jubilee hall for all to see. It is always so good to see the pupils in Year 8 be given the opportunity to demonstrate their grit and independence within their Element roles. Congratulations to all and Well Done.

Heads of Element
Air – Luca C
Land – George M
Water – Clara M

Deputy Heads of Element
Air – Henry N
Land – Zara M
Water – Isobel B

Charity Representatives
Air – Jack R
Land – Harry S
Water – Holly S

‘Thank you for awarding me the responsibility of Head of Air. I will try to lead us
to victory over Land and Water. I will make Air proud, and ensure it is the best
year for everyone, from Reception to Year 8’

‘Thank you for voting for me, I will try to be the best Head of Element
possible and I will lead you to beat Air and Water’

‘I will support my Element and work hard to do my
best in the role and …. beat the other Elements!’

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