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Posted: 5th June 2020


First week back at Nursery and the babies have settled in amazingly. They have enjoyed exploring the garden, digging together and playing in the new teepee, along with painting, shaving foam, messy play and completing puzzles together. 


We are very pleased to see some of our children return to nursery this week.  We have been having lots of fun in the garden, enjoying some water play and picnic snacks.  We have discovered that whilst we haven’t been here and it has been very quiet some Robins have made a nest in our bird box.  They have some baby chicks, it is very exciting watching the Mummy and Daddy Robin feeding their babies.  The babies are very noisy when they are being fed.


It’s been lovely coming back to Poppies, seeing all our friends and teachers. The children had lots of fun in the garden and they all received a certificate of bravery for coming back with a big smile on their faces 

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