Year 2

Posted: 27th March 2020

Pupils in Year 2 have risen extremely well to the challenge of learning in a new way this week. They have read and discussed a spring poem together, written and read favourite parts of their own poems and have enjoyed carrying out some super practical work on capacity both in the kitchen and out in the sun! The children have also explored 3D shapes within their homes and they came up with some very interesting ones, including an octagonal prism, a dodecahedron and a pentagonal pyramid! There has been lots of discussion about nature, inspired by poems, gardens and spring sketches in art: birds, butterflies, animals and flowers. They have all been very good listeners and have enjoyed seeing their friends. We are very proud of you, well done Year 2!
Miss Kirk and Mrs Watkins



In Year 2 we have been doing some fantastic work on capacity in maths. There are some lovely photos of the children estimating and measuring in the sunshine outside.




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