Match Reports 2021 Summer

Please see below for this terms match reports.

Sports Fixtures

We will be able to accommodate parents at some matches but the following points must be adhered to to enable us to keep this Covid-safe and in line with the guidance.
These arrangements are for the first two weeks of the half-term and we will issue any further guidance for the latter half of term when restrictions may be relaxed further:
  • Holmwood House parents at home matches only;
  • No visiting parents at our home matches;
  • Most other schools will not be accommodating visiting parents so assume that you cannot attend any away matches;
  • Parent parking is restricted to the following areas:
    • Matches on Colts – enter via Squash Club Drive and park near white pavillion OR park on front drive and walk past the sunken lawn;
    • Matches on Main Field and Barbour’s Piece – park at far end of the Pre-Prep Car Park;
  • Please note that the school site is still a parent-free zone other than the route from your car to the field.  Please do not venture into the school building areas or enter any buildings;
  • Please plan on the basis of no toilets being available.  In an emergency, you may use the Disabled Toilet in the Sports Hall foyer;
  • Pupils will be provided with a match tea (filled rolls), however, we will be unable to provide match teas for parents;
  • Parents should enjoy the matches on their own or in small groups;

U13 Cricket

Wednesday 30 June

Holmwood vs Colchester High School – Mixed 1st

Holmwood’s last match of the term was against Colchester High on a cold and damp afternoon.

Holmwood batted first and George H looked to continue his fine vein of form.
George H – Caught 8
Rayaan A – Run Out 5
Benedict V – Not Out 32
Clara M – Run out 5
Holly S –  Caught 12
Jack R DNB
Bea A  DNB
Harry G DNB
Olivia R DNB
Luca C DNB
Noah K DNB
Ottilie W DNB
Extras: 39
Total 101
Holmwood bowled well but could only take 1 wicket ( Rayaan A). Colchester High passed Holmwood’s total in the 17th over for a comprehensive 9 wicket victory.
Mr Lesiak
Wednesday 23 June

Holmwood vs Woodbridge – Boys’ 1st XI (H)

HH won by 8 wickets.

HH bowled first and restricted Woodbridge to 107 for 4 wickets. Bea A was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 15 from her 2 overs. Ben V also did well at restricting the opposition with 1 for 9 from his 3 overs.

George H led the batting run chase and smashed his way to 73 not out. He was partnered very well by Clara M with 13 not out as they passed the total with 111 for 4 wickets.

Well done!

Mr Earley

Wednesday 16 June

Holmwood vs RHS – Boys’ 1st XI (A)

HH were put into bat on a very hot day, and the wicket looked excellent for batting. George H hit the first ball of the match for 6 back over the bowlers head, who happened to be the former HH pupil, Jude F. This set the tone of the innings and George retired on 100 after 12 overs. HH managed the massive score of 206 from their 20 overs.

HH bowlers got to work quickly and Benedict V was the pick of the bowlers, taking 4 wickets and RHS were all bowled out for 110 runs in reply.  HH won by 94 runs.

Well played, HH.

Mr Earley

Wednesday 16 June

Holmwood vs RHS – Girls’ 1st XI (A)
We had a lovely sunny afternoon for our first away match of the season, with both Y7/8 boys and girls teams making the journey to RHS.

We played a strong RHS Year 8 team in a Twenty20 match and were beaten by 141 runs to 117, with four wickets taken by each team. The teams were well matched, and I was so proud of the Holmwood girls, some of whom have only recently begun to play red ball cricket.

Clara again captained the team with confidence, giving her team mates encouragement and guidance throughout. RHS won the toss and chose to bat first. Each of our players bowled two overs and Clara and Bea shared the wicket keeping. We gave away very few wides, and RHS wickets were taken by Holly, Zara, Olivia and Bella. Bea’s bowling was outstanding. The fielding by the whole team was excellent again today, and noticed by the RHS coach.

Olivia was our highest scoring batter today with 27 not out, followed closely by Ottilie with 25 not out. Bea also hit an exciting 16 runs, with three 4’s. It was a really enjoyable afternoon of competitive cricket played with commitment and positivity. I
think the girls learned a lot from the match play as well as having fun.

Well done Clara, Evie, Holly, Ottilie, Elsie, Isabel, Zara, Bella, Olivia and Bea!

Holmwood House 117 for 4, RHS 141 for 4

Mrs Spencer

Wednesday 9 June

Holmwood vs Finborough – Boys’ 1st XI
George H smashed 102 not out in the 20 over game against Finborough on Wednesday. A brilliant display of natural cricket shots, combined with sheer brut force meant for some entertainment for those watching, as HH managed 151 for 6 from their 20 overs.

Rayaan A (2 for 15) and Ben V (3 for 1) were pick of the bowlers, and Finborough managed 87 before all their wickets fell, meaning HH won by 64 runs.

Well played!

Mr Earley

Holmwood vs Finborough – Girls’ 1st XI
It seems so long since our last match! It was lovely to see Colts field set up for our first home match on a beautifully sunny afternoon, and with parents watching the game. Even better to win the game too!

Clara is our Senior captain this year and managed the team confidently and skilfully this afternoon. She opened the bowling, and just 3 runs were scored from her two overs. All of the girls bowled very well, with wickets taken by Clara, Zara, Izzy, Holly and Olivia (2). Clara and Bea shared the wicket keeper’s role, and Bea was also our most economical bowler with only 2 runs scored from her 2 overs. I was so pleased with how well the girls worked together this afternoon, encouraging each other to work hard and to improve. Holly was extremely impressive in the field, her concentration and effort faultless.

Bea and Izzy opened the batting and were our top scoring pair with 28 runs from their 4 overs, with Ottilie and Clara hot on their heels with 25. Every pair ran well, making good decisions and communicating with each other.Clara was identified as ‘player of the match’ by the Finborough team. Manners were impeccable.A really lovely afternoon!

Well done Clara, Izzy, Holly, Ottilie, Elsie, Isabel, Zara, Olivia and Bea!

Holmwood House 108 runs, 6 wickets taken; Finborough 23 runs, 5 wickets taken

Mrs Spencer

U11 Cricket

Wednesday 23 June

Holmwood vs Littlegarth  – Boys’ U11 A & B (H)

Boys’ U11A
Due to Covid bubbles Holmwood played Littlegarth’s strongest Year 6s. Littlegarth batted first . It would be 2 runs for a wide and a no ball. Holmwood bowled each player for 2 overs.

Littlegarth Innings
Sam T 2 overs 1 wicket 2 runs
Freddie M 2 overs 1 wicket 1 run
Thomas B 2 overs 1 wicket 6 runs
Benedict C 2 overs 1 wicket 9 runs
Charlie H 2 overs 0 wickets 10 runs
Jesse O 2 overs 0 wickets 3 runs
Heston K 2 overs 1 wicket 6 runs
James M 2 overs 0 wickets 8 runs
Adam D 2 overs 1 wicket 6 runs
Ruben S 2 overs 0 wickets 13 runs

Littlgarth Total: 72

Holmwood Innings
Ruben S Hit Wicket 21
Shadai T caught and bowled 8
Freddie M Bowled 5
Heston K Bowled 0
Jesse O Bowled 0
Sam T Not Out 9
Thomas B Not Out 11
James M DNB
Adam D DNB
Benedict C DNB
Charlie H DNB
Extras 118

A good victory to finish the summer term. It was great that we could finally get some fixtures in and the boys gave it their all in both matches and training. It was a pleasure spending time with these boys throughout the summer term.

Result: Holmwood won by 6 wickets.

Mr Lesiak

Boys’ U11B
The U11 B team played cricket against Littlegarth. Playing on our Colts pitch the grounds looked fantastic. The wicket was playing fast with a decent bounce on the ball. Holmwood lost the toss and were put into bat first. The top order of the batsmen became unstuck to a very fast and accurate bowler. Holmwoods batmen dug in and started to build a steady partnership and the runs started adding up. Holmwood finished on 64.

Littlegarth came into bat and it did not take them long to start picking up quick singles and then some good shots for the boundaries. Whilst Holmwoods bowling was straight, it was occasionally too short allowing for the batsmen to step into the shot and move the ball. Littlegarth reached Holmwoods target within the 20 overs.

Mr Cook

Girls’ U11A
Despite the final score this proved to be an exciting match as we batted first and the girls had no idea of the score until the end. Our batting started slowly against a very fast Littlegarth bowler but soon gathered momentum. Nineteen boundaries were scored and only two wickets fell. The calling was superb and every pair did themselves proud.

Having been impressed with the batting, I was blown away by the bowling and fielding. Only eleven no balls or wides from 144 balls and 13 wickets! Several catches were taken and the fielding was sharp and responsive from every member of the team.

This was my first time with these girls this term and I loved every minute of it, the humour, the support and the overall maturity. If only we had had a normal term full of matches and tournaments, I believe they would have gone far.

Mrs Goldring

Girls’ U11B
It was fantastic to see every inch of grass being used for cricket matches on  Wednesday afternoon, four of which were on Barbours. And great to see parent supporters, too! Cassie captained the Holmwood team. Littlegarth won the toss and opted to bowl first (we would have done the same).

Savannah and Cassie opened the batting and scored 25 runs in their four overs, hitting three 4’s. Darcy and Elise batted next, matching their score and hitting two 4’s. Millie and Beatrice were our top scoring pair, making 30 runs and hitting two 4’s and two 6’s. Katie and Evie scored 23, Katie and Beatrice scored 22, both pairs hitting two 4’s each. Each pair batted with confidence and skill. The team finished with a total of 125 runs, a good target for the Littlegarth team to aim for.

Evie opened the bowling and shared the best bowling figures with Katie. Both girls took a wicket, both girls bowled six dot balls, and only 4 runs were scored from their two overs. Amazing! All the girls bowled very well. Wickets were also taken by Beatrice (2), Elise and Millie (2). Littlegarth had two very high scoring overs in the middle of the match in which they hit three 6’s and three 4’s, and we couldn’t quite peg them back. It was a very close finish.

We had a really lovely afternoon of competitive cricket played with commitment, positivity and enjoyment. I was so impressed both with the team’s desire to learn and improve, and with the encouragement they gave each other. Beatrice was named ‘player of the match’ by the Littlegarth girls.

Well done Cassie, Evie, Savannah, Darcy, Beatrice, Katie, Millie and Elise!

Holmwood House 125 for 7, Littlegarth 137 for 7

Mrs Spencer

Wednesday 16 June

Holmwood vs Orwell Park  – Boys’ U11 A & B (H)

Boys’ U11A

Due to Covid bubbles Holmwood played Felsted’s strongest Year 6’s. Felsted requested to bat and we agreed to retire batsmen at a score of 30. It would be 2 runs for a wide and a no ball.

Holmwood Innings
Charlie H Bowled 1
Ben C Retired 32
Adam D Bowled 4
James M Run out 4
Sam T Retired 32
Thomas B Bowled 0
Jayden O Bowled 0
Ruben S Not out 13
Shadai T Not out 3
Freddie M DNB
Heston K DNB
Extras 69

Holmwood’s total allowed captain S Taylor to bowl each bowler for an over. Some would then be selected to bowl for a second over if required.

Felsted Innings
Sam T 1 over 2 wickets 2 runs
Freddie M 1 over 1 wickets 1 run
Thomas B 2 overs 1 wicket 16 runs
Ben C 1 over 2 wickets 3 runs
Charlie H 1 over 0 wickets 4 runs
Jesse O 1 over 0 wickets 6 runs
Heston K 2 overs 1 wicket 3 runs
James M 2 overs 2 wickets 12 runs
Adam D 1.2 overs 1 wicket 1 run
Ruben S 2 overs 1 wicket 12 runs

The highlight of the innings was a fantastic stumping by S Tshuma off of a great delivery by T Butler. Some classic left arm china-man bowling.

Result: Holwood won by 96 runs

Mr Lesiak

Boys’ U11B

The sun was shining on Barbers Piece and the wicket was in fantastic condition. Felsted won the toss and chose to bowl. Holmwood lost some early wickets which is testament to the level of bowling from Felsted. Holmwood dug deep and the batsmen stood strong. The runs started to tick along nicely and Holmwood got 90 runs for 10 wickets.

Felsted came into bat and very quickly between the wickets, Holmwoods bowling was straight and a good length making it hard for the Felsted batsmen to get the better shots away.

The match was played with excellent spirit and both teams and parents enjoyed the competition.

Final score was a draw! Well done to both teams.

Mr Cook

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Holmwood vs Orwell Park  – Boys’ U11 A, B & C (A)

Boys’ U11A

The Years 5 & 6 travelled to Suffolk on a glorious day for cricket to play their first school fixture in 15 months. Orwell Park were the opponents and they extended a warm welcome upon our arrival. After several weeks of practise the boys were raring to go. Sam T lost the toss and Holmwood were asked to bat first. The match was to be a 20 over game with 2 runs for a wide or a no ball.

Holmwood Innings
Charlie H run out 0
Shadai T caught 13
Ruben S hit wicket 20
Adam D caught 0
Sam T caught 0
James M run out 14
Heston K LBW 1
Jesse O caught 15
Freddie M not out 6
Thomas B DNB
Extras 45

Holmwood total would be competitive, but the bowling would have to be tight and the fielding on point to stand a chance of defending their total of 104.

Orwell Innings
Sam T 3 overs 0 wickets 6 runs
Freddie M 3 overs 0 wickets 5 runs
Thomas B 2 overs 0 wickets 31 runs
Ben C 4 overs 0 wickets 15 runs
Charlie H 3 overs 2 wickets 19 runs
Jayden O 1 over 0 wickets 16 runs
Heston K 1 over 0 wickets 6 runs

Holmwood did well to take the game to the 18th over with some excellent bowling especially from Sam T, Freddie M and Benedict C.

Not everyone was able to bowl and this will be taken into account in forthcoming fixtures.

Result: Orwell Park won by 7 wickets off of 17.4 overs.

Mr Lesiak

Boys’ U11B
The match was played in the blazing sun, with a slight breeze with views overlooking the River Orwell. Orwell won the toss and decided to bat first putting on 90 runs. The Holmwood bowling was consistently accurate, not allowing the bigger shots to be played by Orwell. Holmwood came into bat knowing that they did not require many runs per over, this led to a slow start on the scoreboard. A couple of wickets were lost as the runs began to add up but the slow start meant it was too much of an uphill climb despite some valiant efforts.

A lovely way for the boys to meet other pupils, see another school and experience the competition that we have all missed on a Wednesday afternoon!

Mr Cook

Boys’ U11C
Result: 287 Orwell, 277 Holmwood. Lost by 10 runs.

Wickets from Jack H (2), included was a wicket maiden Finley T (1), Ben B (1). Other performances from Harry T, Thomas C and Evan C out in the field played well. Good fun had by all on a super sunny day!

Mr Jeffries

Holmwood vs Orwell Park  – Girls’ U11 A, B & C (H)

Girls’ U11 B
An excellent first game of not only the season but the year! The girls were nervously excited but captain Savannah M won the toss and elected to field first. This was the perfect start to get right into the action.

All the girls bowled well with both Millie S and Beatrice L-D taking wickets but numerous no balls added to Orwell’s total. Fielding was tight and both Cassie G and Beatrice L-D took catches.

When we came into bat we were chasing 64 so I told the girls to start sensibly but then go for it and have some fun. Each pair grew in confidence and the calling between the players got better and better. The final pair of Evie D and Katie B just had to defend our lead and did a mature job of following the plan. Overall a very impressive first game and a very happy coach!

Mrs Goldring

Girls’ U11 C
What excitement for the first match in 15 months! The girls were so keen to participate but the staff couldn’t quite remember all that they had to do!

Having won the toss our captain Sophia H chose to bat first and she got us off to a very strong start with her partner Amari W scoring 28 runs during their 4 over partnership, including 4 fours and 1 six!

Next up it was Ruby P and Lana B adding a solid 24 runs to our scoreline including 3 fours. Bea B and Isobella N followed them and bearing in mind the girls had never played cricket until a few weeks ago and were still learning the game, (and the rules!), they scored a very pleasing 10 runs.

But it was the partnership of Sadhika and Matilda that really upped our run rate. Sadhika took charge and Matilda did as she was told which worked brilliantly! An amazing 40 runs were scored off their 24 balls including 4 fours. Sadhika also showed her thorough understanding of the game, (again she is a relative newbie to the sport), scoring a four off a no ball to add six runs to her scoreline.

In all 302 runs were scored in our batting innings, (we started on 200 runs).

I think we all agreed after the match that our bowling needs work! This was not our finest hour but I have to commend all the girls because they did not give up but kept trying even when the ball was refusing to stay on the wicket! As a result we did have many no balls and wides called.

Our most consistent bowler was Sophia. The Orwell batsmen could only score 9 runs off her 12 balls. And during Amari’s 12 balls we excelled with 2 wickets; one a run out from Sophia and the other a terrific catch from Sadhika. During Ruby’s overs Lana also fielded brilliantly resulting in a run out.

Concluding the match the Orwell umpire agreed that the Holmwood girls had a much better understanding of the game and were the stronger team. However, with 331 runs Orwell won the fixture.

Well done girls. We have lots to work on but there were so many positives to take away from this game!

Mrs Jeffery

U10 Cricket

Monday 14 June 2021

Holmwood vs The District (H)

Mixed U10

Holmwood fielded a strong team comprising of 8 Year 5’s and 3 Year 4’s to take on the district. Holmwood lost the toss and were asked to bat.

Holmwoods Innings
Ben C Bowled 21
Shadai T Bowled 8
Ruben S Run Out 0
Freddie M Caught 2
Annabel B Caught 8
Thomas B Bowled 0
Oscar B Bowled 7
Heston K Bowled 1
Jesse O Bowled 6
Oscar A Not Out 2
Arran M Bowled 0
Extras 12

Holmwood batted well against some very quick and accurate bowling. Some real resilience was on display especially from O Atkinson in the penultimate over.

Holmwood’s Total – 67

The Districts innings
Ruben S 2 overs 1 wicket 2 runs
Freddie M 2 overs 0 wickets 3 runs
Heston K 2 overs 1 wicket 5 runs
Ben C 2 overs 0 wickets 16 runs
Oscar A 2 overs 2 wickets 13 runs
Jesse O 2 overs 2 wickets 7 runs
Oscar B 1 over 1 wicket 2 runs
Thomas B 1 over 0 wickets 6 runs
Arran M 1 over 1 wicket 6 runs

Holmwood did well to take the game to the 16th over. The District just crept over the line with 1 wicket remaining.

This performance demonstrates the strength of the Holmwood team who competed with great skill against a strong district XI.

Result: The District won by 1 wicket

Mr Lesiak

U9 Cricket

Monday 7 June 2021

Holmwood vs Woodbridge Prep – Mixed Cricket (A)

Mixed U9 A
Holmwood’s first fixture for nearly 15 months was an away fixture at Woodbridge Prep. The year 4’s had been looking forward to their first fixture for the whole of the academic year.

Holmwood won the toss and bowled first.

The match was to be a pairs match with each pair facing 24 balls and each bowler bowling 12 balls each. There would be 2 runs for a wide or no ball and each team started on 100 runs. 5 runs would be deducted for the loss of each wicket.

Woodbridge Innings
Alfie M & Arran M conceded 26 runs
Taylor J & Jack R conceded 9 runs
W Liddell and F Henkel conceded 18 runs
Oscar A & Oscar B conceded 32 runs
Woodbridge finished on a total of 185

Holmwood’s Innings
Alfie M & Arran M scored27 runs
Taylor J & Jack R scored 17 runs
Winston L & Finley H scored 4 runs
Oscar A & Oscar B scored 25 runs.
Holmwood’s total 173

Result – Woodbridge won by 12 runs.

Mr Lesiak
Mixed U9 B
Match result 144 Holmwood Woodbridge 136 lost by 8 runs the year 4s enjoyed their trip and played some great cricket. Henry H hit a six on the last ball of the game we were captained very well by Elenore B. Well played all.
Mr Jeffries
Mixed U9 C
A very excited group of Y4 children boarded the coach on Monday afternoon to travel to Woodbridge Prep school for their first match of the term.
The C team, captained superbly by Hannah, started the game as the batting side. Hannah and Shani were our first pair and scored a magnificent 15 runs from their two overs, making them our top scoring pair. Lucinda and Sam batted next and were our second top scoring pair with 11 runs. Lucinda was our most effective communicator in bat this afternoon. Next came Elle and Roux, followed by Enzi and Roux again.
Hannah and Shani also opened the bowling confidently, but it was Lucinda and Sam that impressed most with their accuracy and concentration. Woodbridge won the game by 30 runs, mostly the result of us giving away runs from no balls and wides.
So, room for improvement in our bowling, and we shall be seeking to up our skill level in training before our next match.
Well done C (cool cats) team!
Mrs Spencer

IAPS Code of Conduct for Supporters

Where permitted, we are delighted to welcome spectators to attend IAPS events to support the children. Our agreed code of conduct highlights IAPS’s expectations of spectators, to ensure that all events are enjoyable and fair for the children involved, and we hope you would support us by reading and applying the following code;

  • Be a positive role model and lead by example; children are involved in sport for their enjoyment and without undue spectator pressure.
  • Encourage children to play by the rules.
  • Respect the officials and their decisions at all times.
  • Respect the coaches and their decisions. They give their time, energy and experience to coach your children.
  • Refrain from verbal or indeed physical abuse towards players, officials and fellow spectators.
  • Be friendly and respectful to the opposition.
  • Teach children that effort and teamwork are as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Turn defeat into victory by helping children work towards skill improvement and a positive sporting attitude.
  • Be aware that IAPS events have comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures, available on our website:
  • Relax and enjoy the event.


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