Match Reports 2022-23

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Sports Fixtures

We will be able to accommodate parents at some matches but the following points must be adhered to to enable us to keep this Covid-safe and in line with the guidance.
  • Parents are welcome at home matches;
  • Most other schools will not be accommodating visiting parents so assume that you cannot attend any away matches;
  • Parent parking is restricted to the following areas:
    • Matches on Colts – enter via Squash Club Drive and park near white pavillion OR park on front drive and walk past the sunken lawn;
    • Matches on Main Field and Barbour’s Piece – park at far end of the Pre-Prep Car Park;
  • Please note that the school site is still a parent-free zone other than the route from your car to the field.  Please do not venture into the school building areas or enter any buildings;
  • Please plan on the basis of no toilets being available.  In an emergency, you may use the Disabled Toilet in the Sports Hall foyer;
  • Pupils will be provided with a match tea (filled rolls);

Spring 2023

U13 Netball

1 February 2023

1st Neball vs Barnardiston Hall – lost 10-2
The U13 girls fought well against Barnardiston Hall who were a strong opponent, following the second half the girls managed to tighten their defence with fantastic interceptions from Holly Masango in goal defence. The girl’s ball skills continued to improve throughout the match, with strong passes from Ava Brooks who played great in centre. These improvements helped the girls score 2 goals! Unfortunately, after a good match, the girls lost 10-2.

Tia Rawaqa

25 January 2023

1st vs Finborough – lost 14-0
The U13 girls put up a good fight against Finborough who were a tough side. As the game progressed the girls worked hard together as a team, with great defence from Olive Wootton. Despite Evie De’Ath and Isabelle Lines injuries midway through the game, both girls showed excellent resilience and continued to play. Good game to all the girls you all played fantastically against a tough opponent.

Tia Rawaqa

U11 Netball

6 March 2023

U11 C vs Littlegarth – Lost 12-0

Despite freezing cold rain and snow the girls continued to play their best, with great defence from Beatrice Wheat. Unfortunately, the weather continued to affect the girls play, forcing the match to be stopped early with the girls losing 12-0.

Litia Rawaqa

25 January 2023

U11 A vs Gosfield – Lost 8-6
A vary close and exciting game with end to end play. Holmwood scored first and held the lead at half time but Gosfield found their shooting accuracy and gradually snuck up to take the lead. There were lots of great interceptions but poor passing led to far too much loss of possession. A disappointing result but a good effort all round.

Mrs Goldring

U11 B vs Gosfield – Lost 6-2
The U11 girls faced a very tall, strong side throughout the duration of this game. Gosfield took the lead with the score in the first half with a score of 4-1 and the Holmwood girls worked hard to get it back. In the second half we worked much better as a team and managed to limit the amount of goals that were scored compared to the first half. Euna Alexander did a fantastic job in defence getting lots of interceptions, which allowed the girls to work together and travel the ball down to the other end for the shooters to score. The girls made a good come back towards the end and played much more strategically which then benefitted them. We finished the game with the final score being 6-2 to Gosfield. A very well done to the girls who battled against a strong side.

Millie Church

18 January 2023

U11 A vs St Joes – won 12-6
A fantastic afternoon of netball, despite the freezing temperatures. All the girls played really well and it was great that everyone scored at least one goal. A huge improvement from last week but still lots to work on!

Mrs Goldring

U11 B vs St Joes – won 2-1
For a first match back from the holidays, the girls got quickly back into the swing of things and played really well together. Despite it being freezing cold, everyone had lots of energy and worked hard . Lyra D took good leadership of the team and managed to get some excellent interceptions which allowed the team to score! They won 2-1! Very well done to them all.

Millie Church

U11 vs St Joes – won 14-0
The girl’s second match went fantastically! Everyone came into the game with a positive attitude ready to play. The girls demonstrated exceptional ball skills, with strong passes and communication with each other resulting in a very successful match. The final score was 14-0, with everyone managing to score a goal. Great game girls!

Tia Rawaqa

11 January 2023

U11 vs South Lee – lost 8-0
The girl’s first game back went well despite the weather, all the girls kept a positive attitude and were excited to play. As the game continued the girls powered through with excellent defence from Isobel Scott-Cobb and great ball skills from Vivian Campbell. During the last quarter, the rain and wind persisted but everyone continued to put in their best effort, demonstrating great resilience girls! Unfortunately, the girls did not win, but all played fantastically.

Tia Rawaqa

U9 Hockey

Friday 20 January 2023

U9 Mini tournament at Orwell

  • vs Orwell (Lost)
  • vs Finborough (Won)
  • vs South Lee (Won)

The girls first match was against Orwell Park who are a strong side. After a hard battle and many chances at goal, we walked away from that match with a loss, 2-0 to Orwell Park.

We then faced Finbourough, the girls regained energy and goals just kept being scored! India Thwaite and Imogen Bender did a great job of carrying the ball up the pitch using each other for support. Sophia Turner and Darcy Timmis did a great job at clearing the ball out of the D. The final result ended up 4-1. Very well done to the girls for all their hard work!

After the girls’ hard work in the previous game, they carried on through to the final game against South Lee. Although we were pinched for time, a goal was scored within the first five minutes of the game. The final score was 1-0 to Holmwood House!

All in all, the girls played incredibly well. I look forward to seeing them progress more and more as the term goes on.

Millie Church

Autumn 2022

U13 Hockey

Wednesday 7 December

Girls’ 2nd vs Felsted – won 2-0

A very evenly matched game with end to end play. Holmwood had more shots on goal but the Felsted goalie did very well to save them. Due to absentees, three year 6 girls stepped in at the last minute and in fact scored both goals and Eleanor B played superbly in goal. As the last game of the term it was lovely to win and to see how much the girls have improved throughout the term.

Mrs Goldring

Wednesday 30 November

Girls’ 2nd vs Ipswich School

This match was a fantastic example of how sport should be played with great sportsmanship demonstrated by both teams throughout.
The first half was heavily dominated by us with the ball spending the majority of the 20 minutes in our attacking half.  Savanna M and Evie D were key to our movement of the ball spreading it out wide to our forwards Phillipa H and Lana B.  Our persistence eventually saw us awarded with a goal from Lana after their goalkeeper was put under a period of immense pressure and had to make many fine saves.
In the second half Ipswich started much stronger and the match turned into a very defensive one.  Cassie G and Holly M were well utilised at the back and had to stop many runs on the goal from Ipswich.  Our GK, Ava B, was used for the first time and after many good saves it was an unfortunate deflection that gave Ipswich a goal.
The final score finished 1 – 1 and Cassie was awarded our Player of the Match by the opposition.
Mrs Jeffery

Wednesday 9 November

Girls’ 2nd vs Orwell Park

It is always a pleasure to come and umpire a match and see the progress all the team have made in a few short weeks.  The marking was tighter, the passing more accurate and everyone found space much easier and held their positions.
An unfortunate missing gumshield meant we were a player down at the start of the match but Stella C from the U11 squad accepted the challenge and agreed to play a second match.  She was a superstar from the first whistle to the last and brought a lot of strength and determination to the team.
Our forward line of Lana B, Bea B and Phillipa H had an excellent first 20 minutes and all of them made some strong runs with the ball to advance into our attacking half.  A blistering hit from Lana proved unstoppable and we were awarded with a goal.
Orwell came out very strongly in the second half and it was a much more defensive 20 minutes of play.  Our backs, Stella and Holly M as well as our Centre Half Savanna M were put under much pressure but they stayed strong and did a great job of stopping any hits on goal.  Any that did slip passed were dealt with very accurately by GK Ava B with a strong clearance out wide.
The final score ended 1 – 0 with all the girls contributing to the win.
Mrs Jeffery

Wednesday 5 October

Girls’ 1st vs Finborough 

This was a fantastic display of teamwork with the more experienced players supporting those on the team new to the sport.
In the first half we borrowed a player so we could play 7 a side and we were quick to get the ball into the goal following repeated hits on the goalkeeper from Olive W.  But all the team contributed to keeping the ball in our attacking half for the majority of the 20 minutes of play and it was not long before we scored our second goal following pressure in the ‘D’ from Saling B.  Bea B as CF had an excellent half and she worked well with Phillipa H on the wing to work the ball towards the ‘D’ while doing their best to use the whole width of the pitch.
After the half time break you would have thought we should be on the back foot as we were down to 6 players and the heavens had opened and every player was soaked!  But this did not deter the team and our defensive players, Savanna M and Holly M had the confidence to push up and support the forwards and the Finborough goalkeeper was under constant pressure and had to make many saves.  Evie D, (Player of the Match),  was on excellent form throughout the match but really excelled in the second half and she scored our third goal from a stunning run into the ‘D’ and a hard, accurate hit directly at the goal which proved unstoppable.
Continued pressure from all our team and some very determined play from Savanna culminating in a fine shot from her and resulting in our fourth goal of the match.  Just before the full time whistle Evie was on target again to finish the match 5 – 0.  Mention must go to our GK, Ava B, who encouraged her team throughout the match and took control of her defence and advised her team throughout.  When she was needed to defend her goal she watched the ball well and cleared the ball strongly.
Well done team!  Fabulous effort from everyone!
Mrs Jeffery

Wednesday 28 September

Girls’ 1st VII vs Barnardiston Hall
A complete shock for the girls after last week’s easy win. Barnardiston outshone us in all areas and unfortunately it took the girls far too long to raise their game. Millie S worked her socks off in goal and saved more than she let it and Olivia B made some brave tackles in defence. In the final third the girls finally worked together to enable Darcy C to score two goals so at least we finished with smiles all round!

Lots to work on for next week.
Mrs Goldring

Wednesday 21 September

Girls’ 1st VII vs Gosfield
Today we played our first game at the Garrison as a home pitch against Gosfield. This was also the first game of the season and although the girls have had plenty of time for skill work, it is never the same as having a good match. The girls were a little rusty to start and were not looking up before passing, however they were still dominating the game with the majority of the possession. Holmwood were 4-0 up at half time with Annabel scoring two, Olive and Darcy also scoring. At half time we had a conversation about looking up and I asked the girls if they thought they were playing their best game, all the girls said no and we spoke about how we could turn that into a yes. Looking up and passing to our own players was a key point, so in the next half, the girls smashed it. There was a 100% improvement in their passing which resulted in many more goals. I decided to limit the opportunities for scoring to make it a fairer match and to improve our team work. One person was chosen at a time to score, which resulted in goals from Olive, Sailing, Cassie, Evie and Olivia. Eva had played really well in goal and had made some great saves but she was really tested when I reduced the team to 6 players on the pitch, one of the Gosfield players had got past Olivia who was on her own in defence and Eva came up to take the player on but they unfortunately just slipped the ball past her. Well done girls a real pleasure to coach and umpire.
Mrs Earley

U11 Rugby

Wednesday 23 November

U11 B vs OBH

Holmwood played out an entertaining match against OBH.  On a small pitch and with a lack of tackling the score started to mount up.

Holmwwod managed to run in 16 tries, Winston L x10 , Finley H x 3 , Shani L x 2 and Ethan M were the try scorers. Enzi was magnificent in the Ruck and secured the ball well for  his team.

Winston walked away with the man of the match performance and 10 showups for some excellent tackling, particularly a try saving one in the corner.
Well done boys.
Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 9 November

U11 B vs Orwell Park

Holmwood played out an exciting match against Orwell Park. Holmwood welcomed Winston L into the team after a long absence due to a finger injury. His strong running and change of speed and direction meant he ran in three tries in the first 10 minutes. Jack R Made some strong runs with the ball scoring a couple of tries. The boys competed well at the ruck with Huck R, Sam C, Shani L and Enzi L all showing strength and resilience. Ethan M kicked well after some good practice sessions in the week. Henry H, Rory W and Raaid A also made some good contributions both with and without the ball. Winston scored another couple and Shani L also added to the try count.
Final Score: Holmwood  8 – 8 Orwell Park
Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 2 November

U11 B vs Woodbridge

Holmwood travelled to Woodbrige to play their first match of this half term. Holmwood grew into the match and made progress with their tackling and rucking. Shani L scored two tries and Sumedh K the other. Sam Carter showed resilience to continue after a knock to the leg. Huck R and Enzi worked hard at the ruck to secure the ball and Holmwood attacking lines were quicker to be formed in the second half.
Targets : To form a flat line in defence on the hindmost part of the person in possession.
Final Score: Holmwood 3 – 9 Woodbridge Prep
Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 5 October

U11 B vs Finborough and St Joe’s

Holmwood travelled to Finborough to play in a triangular with St Joe’s ( last week’s opponents) and Finborough.
Match 1 vs St Joe’s
Holmwood produced a good performance with great running from Noah S and Finley H. Sumedh K, Sam C and  Huck R were good in the ruck and this allowed Holmwood to put some excellent phases of play together to progress up the pitch. It was a close match that the boys lost by a single try. The support of the ball carrier was better and Holmwood scored some excellent tries.
Match 2 vs Finborough 
Holmwood started well and again produced some good tries via some good offloads and strong running. As the weather changed and the boys tired the tackling eased off and Finborough ran in several tries in the final minutes.
All in all a good afternoon of rugby with some real improvements made from the previous week as well as bucket loads of resilience on display.

Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 21 September

Boys’ U11 B vs St Joseph’s – lost 10-40
The U 11 B team travelled to Ipswich Rugby Club for their first match of the Autumn Term against St Joes,   Holmwood grew into the game and their tackling, running lines and rucking all improved as the match went on. Sumedh K and Huck R were outstanding at the ruck and this allowed Holwood to retain the ball. Holmwood’s two tries were scored by Shani L, the second after a fantastic run down the line.  Roux bdM was a monster, and ran and tackled well. Ted P and  Henry H carried the ball forward and made good ground. Rory W and Enzi  L made some good tackles and Raaid grew inconfidence and made some positive contributions as the game progressed.

Well done boys, your effort could not be faulted.
Mr Lesiak

U11 Hockey

Wednesday 30 November

U11 A vs Finborough won 7-0

At last a match we could really enjoy! By half time we were 3-0 up thanks to Jess B and Lucinda B(2) so we decided to mix it up in the second half playing completely different positions. Lucinda scored again and was joined by Eleanor B, Orla R and Grace A. The girls showed great maturity in winning with grace and it was a lovely afternoon.

Mrs Goldring

Wednesday 23 November

U11A vs OBH won 2-1

Finally a win! The girls worked really hard this week and had lots of scoring opportunities. Lucinda B scored in the second quarter and Hannah J had a cracking shot in the third. Superb defending from Grace and Eleanor kept us in the game with Stella C dominating the midfield. Many thanks to Jessica B for stepping in as goalie at the last minute.
Mrs Goldring

U11 B vs OBH

The girls played OBH in what saw lots of fickle weather – even managing to finish the match with some hail! Despite the weather, the girls played incredibly well with Arabella W, Vivian C & Islanna D’O having lots of shots on goal and keeping the ball in our possession. The girls in defence, Euna A, Beatrice W & Sophie R did a fab job of keeping the ball away from the goal, taking some pressure off of Annie B in goal, who made a number of fantastic saves. Unfortunately in the last minute or two OBH managed to sneak in a goal, but the girls did incredibly well to get back and defend!

Lucy Dixon

Wednesday 16 November

Girls’ U11 A vs Barnadiston and South

Our first match against Barnardiston was a baptism of fire against a strong and skilful team. They managed to score 5 goals in quick succession and it took far too long for the Holmwood girls to wake up.

The second game against South Lee was much closer with lots of scoring opportunities and excellent defence from Grace A and Eleanor B. Emily W made some stunning saves and it was unfortunate that they scored two goals towards the end.
Mrs Goldring

Girls’ U11 B vs Barnadiston and South Lee

We played Barnardiston and South Lee, losing 5-0 and 3-0 respectively. It could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for Annie B’s triple save, Euna A’s diligent defending or Isabelle S-C’s one-touch clearances. Key performances from Beatrice W as centre-half pushed the game forward and Vivienne C’s nonstop running off the entire pitch. Islanna D made some excellent attempts on goal, whilst Sophie R and Arabella W’s positioning constantly put pressure on opposition defences.

Josiah Castle

Wednesday 9 November

Girls’ U11 A vs Orwell Park – lost 2-1

This was a really exciting game with lots of scoring opportunities for both teams. Emily W made her debut appearance in goal and grew in confidence throughout the game making impressive saves. The girls moved the ball around well and it was sheer determination from captain Stella C that saw the ball forced over the line for our goal. The girls are improving every week and their hard work in training is beginning to pay off.

Mrs Goldring

Wednesday 2 November

Girls’ U11 A vs Woodbridge – lost 3-1

A close game with end to end play but not enough oomph when it came to scoring. Woodbridge we’re physically stronger and scored early in the game but we kept them to 1-0 at halftime. The second half was much better with both wings making some strong runs and Hannah J managing to slot in a short corner. Errors in defence allowed Woodbridge two more goals but the girls never gave up.

Mrs Goldring

Girls’ U11 B vs Woodbridge

The girls faced a strong Woodbridge side today, for their first match back from half term. Everyone worked incredibly hard running back to help Euna A, Beatrice W & Sophie R in defence as well as managing to get the ball all the way up the pitch to Islanna D’O & Vivian C who had some cracking shots on goal. Arabella W, Isabelle S-C & Annie B worked worked superbly together in mid field giving the pitch lots of width, all also having some fab shots on goal. Emily W, goalie, worked super hard saving lots of hard goals, and motivating the team from the back. The girls all finished with bright red cheeks and out of breathe showing how much effort they had all put in!

Lucy Dixon

Wednesday 12 October

Girls’ U11 A vs St Margaret’s – lost 2-1

Another very close game against a well matched team. Holmwood went down 1-0 in the first half but listened well at half time and really improved their passing in the second half. Lucinda B scored early on and we held off the opposition until the last few minutes when they scored again. A good overall team effort with exceptional goalkeeping from Eleanor B.

Mrs Goldring

Wednesday 5 October

U11 A vs Littlegarth – lost 3-1

An excellent game where the score didn’t reflect the game. Holmwood struggled to adapt to playing on grass and were 2-0 down at half time.
The second half showed a much tougher team and Stella C dominated the midfield and worked tirelessly to feed the forwards. We had numerous shots but unfortunately couldn’t find the target.
A great overall team effort which showed tremendous resilience from all the girls.
Mrs Goldring
U11 B vs Littlegarth
The U11Bs had a tough match against a strong Littlegarth side. The girls did an incredible job at clearing the ball out with all of the girls dropping back to help defend, stopping the ball from getting to Emily W in goal. Annie B, Islanna D’O and Isabelle S-C doing well in the middle getting lots of tackles. Arabella W and Euna A, out on the wings helped with clearing the ball out wide giving both Vivian C and Beatrice W lots of help on the defensive side.
Lucy D

Wednesday 21 September

U11 A vs St Joseph’s – won 6-3

An excellent start to the term with a game that got better and better. St Joseph scored first but we were quick to reply with Orla R pressuring the goalie. After that the girls grew in confidence and played some very mature hockey. Grace A and Jessica B dominated the defence and Stella C did a great job of distributing in midfield. All three forwards scored- Orla 4, Lucinda B 1 and Emily W 1.

A great overall team performance.
Mrs Goldring
U11 B vs St Joseph’s 

The hockey season started for the U11Bs with a match against St Joseph’s college. The girls started off with a strong start dominating the oppositions side of the pitch, with a quick goal from Arabella W. Annie B, Islanna D’O and Arabella W worked incredibly well together pushing up the pitch, with a goal from Annie B, and Islanna D’O and Arabella finishing with another goal. Euna A was always out on the wing moving the ball out wide.

Sophie R and Beatrice W held a strong defensive clearing out all the balls, leaving an easy job for Vivian C out in goal.

Lucy D

U10 Rugby

Wednesday 7 December

U10 B vs St Cedds [HH won 8 v 1]

Edward M-C captained and led from the front, tackling, rucking and running with the ball incredibly well. George D was top scorer with three tries whilst James C, Will C, Edward K, and Forrest K, all scored one try during the game to take the score to 8 V 1 as the final score. Sabih A, Robert D, Blake C, and Ben B all played in a supporting role extremely well on a very cold day in December.
Great season for the Under 10 B boys team it was a pleasure to see their huge development over the term well done!
Mr Earley

Wednesday 23 November

U10 vs OBH [HH WON  7  v  15]

Robert D was captain and led the way with the first try in the corner. He managed to score three in total throughout the game. Edward Kelly scored 6 excellent tries and made some great tackles. Edward M-C and George D Scored three tries each with some excellent breakthrough play and they tackled very well too.
Will C scored one try and maintained a very good position. James C tackled brilliantly again. Oliver, Lucas and Blake all set up some great passages of play. Great all round team effort well done!
Well done HH!
Mr Early

Wednesday 9 November

U10 vs Orwell Park – won 16- 14

A great game of rugby which was end to end to start with and 11 v 8 at half time. The game progressed and the rugby did too with some amazing tackles from James C. Captain Edward K who scored 6 tries and led from the front ripping the ball well and tackling well in close play. Will C did well with 6 speedy tries generally in the corners. George D made some powerful runs down the middle and managed 4 good tries. Oliver W supported well and managed to score a late try. Forest K, Blake C and Sabih A got stuck in at times and made some important tackles.
A very good team effort and an exciting game to watch well done Holmwood!
Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 5 October

U10 A vs Littlegarth and Brentwood

Holmwood travelled to Littlegarth to play in a triangular with Littlegarth and Brentwood. Half would be 7.5 mins long so 30 mins of rugby would be played by each team.

Holmwood started against Littlegarth, the boys showed real determination and at times produced some good rugby. The tackling was great with some exceptional tackles from Fabio C. The boys rucked well and managed to regain the ball on several occasions. They combined well with some good offloading to  scoredsome good tries. Holmwood ran out winners. 5-3
Holmwood’s second match was against Brentwood. The boys all performed well and continued to tackle their hearts out and make some strong runs. Jayden O was excellent at the ruck and secured the ball well to allow Holmwood to mount wave after wave of attack.
Holmwood ran out winners again. Winning by 4 tries to 2.
Another great afternoon of rugby.
Mr Lesiak
U10 B vs Littlegarth and Brentwood

HH 4 Littlegarth 4

HH 6 Brentwood 9
Captain Will C scored 2 tries and lead the team maturely throughout the tournament. Robert D scored 7 tries and made some exceptional tackles throughout the game. Lucas scored a good try against Brentwood cutting inside to beat the player. Forest played well throughout making some good tackles. Oliver and Sabih made some good moves with the ball and Ben got to the breakdowns well. A good effort by all.
Overall HH came joint second with Littlegarth.
Mr Earley

Wednesday 28 September

Boys’ U10 B vs Finborough – won 9-8
Great game of rugby where Henry L captained and scored five tries in the first half Will C scored 2 tries and George D blasted through the defensive line and scored 3 tries. Forest K made about 10 excellent tackles, Robert D made seven fabulous tackles and James C made 2 great tap tackles saving Holmwood’s lead in the game. Lucas B made some fantastic friends and Ben B, Blake C and Sabih A played a very important supporting role.

Brilliant first game well done!
Mr Earley

U9 Football

Friday 25 November

U9 vs St Margaret’s

Holmwood played out an entertaining 2-2 draw at home vs St Margaret’s.

Holmwood took the lead after a good move down the left released Ralph R down the left and he raced clear to slot the ball in at the near post. St Margaret’s pressure paid off when their centre midfielder released a thunderbolt into the top corner in the final seconds of the half.
Half time Holmwood 1 – 1 St Margaret’s
The second half again saw Josh C take over from Stanley S in goal and it was a well timed pass from Stanley S to release Ralph R who again coolly slotted in the far corner to put Holmwood into the lead once more.
St Margaret’s continued to press and created several good chances only for some near misses and some good goalkeeping  from Josh C to deny them. It was the St Margarets Centre midfielder who again popped up on the edge of the box to hit another unstoppable shot into the roof of the net to equalise with 1 minute remaining.
Final Score : Holmwood  2- 2 St Margaret’s
Mr Lesiak

Monday 7 November

U9 A vs St Joseph’s 

Holmwwod played out an entertaining home match vs St Joes. Holmwood played well with some good dribbling from August- Vasili J and Ralph R. St Joes took the lead after a cross from the right evaded Stanley S in goal and went in at the near post.  Holmwood continued to press and created some good chances but could not convert.
The start of the second half saw Stanley S come out onto pitch and Josh M had a turn in goal. Holmwood dominated the half and played some excellent passing football in the St Joes half.  Holmwood equalised through August-Vasili J and had several chances to take the lead. It turned out not to be Holmwood day and a break away goal from St Joes in the final minutes was enough to secure the win for the visitors.
Final Score: Holmwood 1 – 2 St Joe’s
Mr Lesiak

Friday 7 October

U9 A vs Littlegarth  – Holmwood 0 Littlegarth 7

Holmwood’s second match of term was a home match against a very strong Littlegarth. Holmwood battled from the first to the last minute Fredie T, Hugo P, Josh M and Theo defended well, Ralph R Stanley S and Seb tried hard to close down the opposition as did Josh C upfront Littlegarth played some very good football but the boys showed resilience and a realy determination to compete. Stanley S took a turn in goal in the second half and made some outstanding saves as well as coming off his line with good effect.

Mr Lesiak

Wednesday 5 October

U9 A vs St Margaret’s


Holmwood travelled to St Margaret’s for their first match of the term. Holmwood  started slowly and were a couple of goals down before a great finish by Joseph R, from a cross from the right, pulled Holmwood back into the game. Theo and Josh M in defence tackled well and Seb C, Stanley S and Joshie C worked hard in midfield. Ralph R was his normal busy self and made some excellent dribbles in the St Margaret’s half.
At half time Hugo P swapped with Freddie T in goal and Joshie C went upfront. The boys played very well and Josh C managed to score 4 goals in the second half with some good finishes into the corners of the goal. Hugo looked calm in possession and passed well out from the back. Cody T defended well and Ralph ran his heart out when in central midfield.
A great first victory for the boys followed by a delicious match tea.
Mr Lesiak

U8 Football

Monday 3 October

U8 A vs South Lee – Holmwood 0 – South Lee 6

The year 3’s first ever fixture was against South Lee. South Lee had a mixture of year 4 and year 3 boys which made this a very challenging match.
Holmwood kept their shape well and remembered what we had worked on in training. Harry A and Otto R tackled well in defence and tried to pass out from goal kicks.
Joe P, William H and Hudson S battled well in midfield and Teddy E kept his position as striker. Ethan E did well in goal . Otto R replaced Ethan during the second half and Ethan did well when he came on pitch.
A tough first fixture but the boys showed determination and resilience. There are plenty of positives to take from the fixture as well as things to work on before the next match.
Mr Lesiak


Monday 26 Sept

Aquathlon vs St Mary’s, St Margaret’s, Colchester High & Gosfield

Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us and this fixture started in the pouring rain and strong winds which were at their worst when our youngest year group, the 4s, were racing.  Despite the challenges caused by the weather this year group was not deterred and all 20 participants completed their 75 metre swim and 650 metre run.
The rain had eased for the 30 Year 5 competitors making the 1000 metre run more bearable after the 100 metre swim.  The most memorable sprint finish of the afternoon’s event came from George B and a Colchester High competitor who pushed each other hard to the line cheered on by their respective parents and the many spectators.
Next up it was the turn of the Year 6s swimming 10 lengths, (125 metres) and running 1300 metres.  By this stage in the proceedings the weather was definitely on our side and the wind had dropped making the conditions much easier.  This allowed for some incredibly fast times particularly from the two waves of boys.
For the first time we included Year 7s in an Aquathlon fixture with our participants electing to take part, (or “encouraged” to by their parents!).  We had an impressive 12 year 7s who volunteered themselves for the 150m swim and 1300m run. Mention must go to Hollie M who showed incredible resilience and determination to complete both the swim and run legs.
Full results for the fixture can be found here.
Mrs Jeffery

IAPS Code of Conduct for Supporters

Where permitted, we are delighted to welcome spectators to attend IAPS events to support the children. Our agreed code of conduct highlights IAPS’s expectations of spectators, to ensure that all events are enjoyable and fair for the children involved, and we hope you would support us by reading and applying the following code;

  • Be a positive role model and lead by example; children are involved in sport for their enjoyment and without undue spectator pressure.
  • Encourage children to play by the rules.
  • Respect the officials and their decisions at all times.
  • Respect the coaches and their decisions. They give their time, energy and experience to coach your children.
  • Refrain from verbal or indeed physical abuse towards players, officials and fellow spectators.
  • Be friendly and respectful to the opposition.
  • Teach children that effort and teamwork are as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Turn defeat into victory by helping children work towards skill improvement and a positive sporting attitude.
  • Be aware that IAPS events have comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures, available on our website:
  • Relax and enjoy the event.


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Holmwood House School

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