Match Reports 2021-22

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Sports Fixtures

We will be able to accommodate parents at some matches but the following points must be adhered to to enable us to keep this Covid-safe and in line with the guidance.
These arrangements are for the first two weeks of the half-term and we will issue any further guidance for the latter half of term when restrictions may be relaxed further:
  • Holmwood House parents at home matches only;
  • No visiting parents at our home matches;
  • Most other schools will not be accommodating visiting parents so assume that you cannot attend any away matches;
  • Parent parking is restricted to the following areas:
    • Matches on Colts – enter via Squash Club Drive and park near white pavillion OR park on front drive and walk past the sunken lawn;
    • Matches on Main Field and Barbour’s Piece – park at far end of the Pre-Prep Car Park;
  • Please note that the school site is still a parent-free zone other than the route from your car to the field.  Please do not venture into the school building areas or enter any buildings;
  • Please plan on the basis of no toilets being available.  In an emergency, you may use the Disabled Toilet in the Sports Hall foyer;
  • Pupils will be provided with a match tea (filled rolls), however, we will be unable to provide match teas for parents;
  • Parents should enjoy the matches on their own or in small groups;

Autumn 2021

U13 Boys' Rugby

match reports to follow

U13 Girls' Hockey

15 Sept – 1st VII vs Finborough

An excellent first match for the girls. Finborough put out their B team against us as we were unsure of our ability at this early stage but it would have been interesting to take on their A team. Autumn K scored in the first 20 seconds and morale was high. At half time we were 4-2 up with goals from Isabel D, Ottilie W and a second for Autumn. We started the second half with a completely different team regarding positions and it was great to see how adaptable the girls were. A final goal for Olivia B and one for Finborough ended the game with a 5-2 win. As fantastic as the field players were, Finborough had numerous attempts on goal and Bea A made several stunning saves, having kindly offered to play the position.

Holmwood 5 Finborough 2

Mrs Goldring

U11 Boys' Rugby

15 Sept – U11 A vs Finborough

What a feeling it was being able to watch live sport and competitive rugby again! I am not sure who has missed it more, myself or the boys! The first game back was a big one. Both teams were incredibly physical and this took its toll on the players.

Holmwood moved the ball over short distances to begin with and met the contact head on. Their rucking was completed at a slow pace but this was aided by the supporting players being close to them. Finborough had some strong runners that had to be tackled before they were able to get their speed up. This was something that Holmwood identified and excelled at in the second half.

Holmwood had one of the most exciting and expansive passages of play that I have seen in ten year of Under 11 rugby. Starting from a strong run into the opposition half, with the ball being offloaded in contact. Holmwood set up a ruck and quickly recycled the ball to then spread it into the mid field. One more explosive ruck and the ball was passed to the touch line with a beautiful two on one that we have worked on in training. A true team try and a coach’s dream to watch training ground moves working on game day.

Well done boys!

Finborough 35 Holmwood 25

Mr Cook

Sept 15 – U11 B vs Finborough

Holmwood’s first Rugby fixture in over a year and a half was an away fixture against Finborough. The squad had worked hard in training and the boys approached the game with confidence.
Holmwood made a strong start running in several tries thanks to some individual runs from deep. Holmwood protected the ball at the ruck and this enabled them to put together wave after wave of attack. Harley H, Ben B and Finlay T all scored several tries each. As the game progressed Holmwood tackling improved and consequently Finborough only scored one try all match. The boys took on the coaching points at halftime and managed to turn the ball over on several occasions by beating the opposition to the ruck. Holmwood played with one less player for the majority of the second half to provide them with an additional challenge. The boys were set a target of everyone scoring a try and this in turn created some lovely passing and support running. Eight out of the nine boys scored a try in the end and the teamwork and camaraderie was evident to all.
Well done to all of the boys for their skilful and resilient performance.
Mr Lesiak

U11 Girls' Hockey

15 Sept – U11 A vs Finborough

This was the girls first match back of the season and for some, their first match. The girls absolutely smashed it. It is always nice to start the season with a win and even better when it was a convincing one. The girls dominated from the start with some lovely passing between Annabel and the front line players, this lead to the first goal being scored by Lucy. From that point on the girl really wanted to score another and they didn’t have to wait long till Annabel scored again. At this point Finborough made a bit of a comeback and started to put pressure on our defence which was no match for Katie, Evie, Elise and Millie. At the end of the game, the coach from Finborough came and spoke to me and said how impressed she was with the girls’ positioning and how well they played together as a team. A real compliment girls, well done. Great start to the season.

Holmwood 2 Finborough 0

Mrs Earley

15 Sept – U11 B vs Finborough

After such a long break from hockey, it was great to see the enthusiasm and eagerness the girls showed for their first match of the season. It was a strong start with Matilda P-R scoring the first goal with a strong hit inside the D.  As the first half progressed Finborough came back scoring two. But the girls fought back, displaying some great passing. Sadhika R found the net leaving the score 2-2 at half time.

The team battled hard in the second half with some excellent defending. Unfortunately we were unable to secure the draw with Finborough scoring in the final few minutes. A fab effort from all the girls, and a special mention to Orla R who played in goal for the first time.

Holmwood 2 Finborough 3

Laura Sharman

U10 Boys' Rugby

15 Sept – U10 B vs Finborough

Holmwood learning a great deal about rugby and did get better and better as the game progressed. Leo P was man of the match with 3 tries and some excellent tackling. Good first game, great effort!

Holmwood 15 Finborough 45

Mr Earley

U10 Girls' Hockey

match reports to follow

U9 Boys' Football

match reports to follow

U9 Girls' Netball

match reports to follow

IAPS Code of Conduct for Supporters

Where permitted, we are delighted to welcome spectators to attend IAPS events to support the children. Our agreed code of conduct highlights IAPS’s expectations of spectators, to ensure that all events are enjoyable and fair for the children involved, and we hope you would support us by reading and applying the following code;

  • Be a positive role model and lead by example; children are involved in sport for their enjoyment and without undue spectator pressure.
  • Encourage children to play by the rules.
  • Respect the officials and their decisions at all times.
  • Respect the coaches and their decisions. They give their time, energy and experience to coach your children.
  • Refrain from verbal or indeed physical abuse towards players, officials and fellow spectators.
  • Be friendly and respectful to the opposition.
  • Teach children that effort and teamwork are as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Turn defeat into victory by helping children work towards skill improvement and a positive sporting attitude.
  • Be aware that IAPS events have comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures, available on our website:
  • Relax and enjoy the event.


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