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Posted: 15th October 2021

There has been lots of sensory play and activities this week in nursery.  From mono painting, to smoothie making and to making papier-mache planets we have got fabulously messy and had some fantastic fun.


We have been busy in babies creating fun through messy play activities and looking at Autumn as our theme. The children have painted some wonderful hedgehog and squirrel pictures. We have also extended their love of painting by getting messy with some mono painting. We have been extending their communication by showing them the changes during Autumn and looking at some items in the secret garden such as dropped leaves and spiders webs. 


In Bluebells we have been using our problem solving skills to try and fit the puzzles together. We have have also been building lots of tall towers with the mega block using the language of size and making comparisons. The Bluebells have enjoyed lots of sensory play too. We have hand made and played with orange scented playdough and have made mango smoothies.


The children have really enjoyed learning more about the world around them focusing on space. We have extended their learning by reading stories about space, we have drawn some planets and even made our own planets from paper-mâché to display in Poppies. The children amazed us with their knowledge of space, from naming the planets to talking about astronauts and rockets.

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