Reception Week 4

Posted: 25th September 2020

Week 4 in Reception has seen the children continuing to grow in confidence and to be comfortable in their surroundings. 

In French, the class has been learning to use the phrase Je m’appelle using different cartoon characters. In outdoor learning this week, the children worked with a partner to collect 10 different items from around the Spinney.  These were then used to play a memory game.  Tree climbing and using the binoculars are favourite activities as well!  Our maths focus has been shape and position. 

The children enjoyed printing with different shaped objects, drawing around shapes, making new shapes and using the peg boards to create a shape.  We used the outdoor area when looking at position words – there were some interesting ideas for under and on top of!  After colour mixing last week, as part of understanding the world, we investigated what happened when warm water was added to a plate of smarties and a paper towel was dipped into two different food colourings.  Watching the colour be absorbed by the paper towel and the two colours meeting was fun!  In PE, Mrs Goldring has been encouraging the children to work with a partner to copy each other’s balancing shapes.  There was some very good balancing and demonstration of successful working with a partner.

The change in the weather has meant that waterproof trousers and wellie boots were needed outside – who can resist jumping in a puddle!

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